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Planning An Old School Themed Party For The University Summer Ball

The university summer ball is one event that all the students and lecturers are waiting to celebrate. It can be known as one amazing event that happens in a grand way organized by the student’s council of that year of the university. This is an internationally recognized event and therefore it is happening in different types of scales all over the world. This event is planned and organized in an extreme outstanding type because this is an event that everyone will be participating and it adds more colors to the name of the university. Therefore with the fullest preparation and corporation the student council throws the summer ball night having a particular theme for the event.

When a theme is given out some days before the event, the students have to come dressed in a way that goes with that theme. Therefore this event is one interesting event to participate. Every student can bring a date for the ball and therefore it is an event where the outsiders too can join. One such theme that every student would love to have is an old school, 80’s themed party.

When the event is organized as such the guests will have to dress accordingly which means they have to wear old themed fashioned clothes. They can easily search online for this theme and design their outfit. The outfit matters a lot because the best outfit wins a worthy award at the end of the event. Therefore the student’s council will have to organize the event with old school decorations and backgrounds which can be done by an amazing party planner with a karaoke jukebox hire Melbourne service as it adds more to the background when the music hits the theme as well.slushie machine hire melbourne

There have to be enough food and beverages for the guests. The best idea is to have a grand buffet with the service of slushie machine hire Melbourne for the day. When there is a machine as such the guests can choose the best drink out of the given options. There should be enough time given for the guests to dance at the ball because that is the main purpose of the summer ball. Once the ballroom dancing is over, music can be played according to the given theme.

Prior to the planning of the event, there will be a meeting called for all the students of the university to select the theme and their preferences. Out of those considering their suggestions the party will be planned.