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Popping The Big Question – What To Do?

You might be flipping through the pages of a magazine in hopes of finding some ideas for proposing to your partner, but the problem is that they are all aimed at straight couples. As same-sex couples, it might be somewhat harder to decide on the rites and traditions of proposals, but there is nothing to worry about: you are also a partner and a lover, and in the end, proposals are just a testament of love. Here are some tips to help you pop the big question!

  • Who should ask? – the most common problem you will run into when considering a marriage proposal as a same-sex couple is who should be proposing. Generally, the male partner proposes to the female partner, and this might be confusing when the couple in question is two female partners or two male partners. But then again, have you not heard of women proposing to their male partners before? You have, and what this means is that there really is no one person who ‘should’ be asking. If you feel like you want to solidify your relationship, then you can propose!
  • The rings – the engagement rings are another point you should be thinking about and preparing for advances. If you want to go with the usual gay proposal ideas, you can include the rainbow-style engagement rings which include the usual logos and colours that represent the LGBT movement, but you can also ditch them: there is no reason why you should need to stick to any one kind of ring just because you are a gay partner. Remember that you will (sadly) still have to look for a jewellery shop that is gay-friendly, or you might not get additional services such as carving your names, etc.
  • The occasion – most creative wedding proposal ideas nowadays basically involve the surrounding people, involve family and friends and have a viral video trending on social media. There is no doubt that this is one way to proposing, but make sure to think about your partner as well. Whilst you might prefer flashy events, if your partner tends to be on the shy side, or is yet unsure of taking the plunge, you might want to avoid putting them on the spot with a public event as such. Instead, on such occasions (or even if you would like it), know that a private moment recorded by a close friend is also an ideal way to propose.
  • Set the mood – and finally, do not forget to set the mood for the day! Creating an atmosphere is important to let your partner know that you are being serious, and it will serve to make the event more special. A corny line or two, or even a simple ‘I love you’ can set the mood – it depends on your preferences. For more information, please click here.romantic-gestures