How To Select The Perfect Month For Your Wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement!

Now that all the hype and fuss regarding the sparkling ring has died down, are you seriously thinking of your weeding date? Are you in the hunt for the perfect month to host your dream wedding? Are you confused with all the possibilities and the suggestions and advice you’ve fond online? If you’ve answered yes to our questions, then the below is exclusively for you. In order to untangle your confusions, we’ve put together the things that actually matter when it comes to selecting the right date, read ahead to find them…! 

Think about the guest list

Without a doubt, you and your going-to-be-spouse are the most important people at your wedding. But apart from the two of you, we are sure you can come up with quite a few names of people you’d really love to witness your special day. Make sure the date you pick is convenient for all of those important people; especially if they are planning on flying in for your special day specifically; as they’ll need plenty of notice to plan out the trip.

Think about the availability of services

If you choose a date in the “popular” months for wedding, chances are that the services that you wanted to have for your big day, might not be available for you. This is especially true with photographers, organizers or, if you plan to use one, the wedding stylist Byron Bay. This is also, unfortunately, true when it comes to the caterers as well as the bakers. So unless you want to take the risk of using unknown services, we suggest you choose a time that is convenient for the services as well.

Think about the availability of venues

Selecting wedding venues is a tough job in deed. In fact, we say it’s one of the most complicated decisions you’d have to take in regards to the day you “tie the knot”. Selecting the place has to be done at the earliest possible date as it’s only after this that you can decide things such as the invitation cards, the catering and even the decorations. With the popular venues, you’ll find that you need to book it months ahead (if not years), and that you may have to adjust your date according to its availability.

Think about the weather and how it treats your skin

The last thing you want for your big day is to feel uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable on top of all the inevitable stress will definitely lead to a disaster. And if you feel your mood, or your skin may be affected by the outside weather, the don’t forge to take the weather into consideration before you decide on the month to hold your big day. And this is completely regardless to whether you plan on having a indoor wedding, or an outdoor wedding.

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