Planning Your Big Day: A Guide

Love is a beautiful emotion that should be celebrated. Marriage does just that. We all dream about getting married from a very young age. We hear stories about our parents and grandparents getting married. We watch movies about fairytales coming true for princes and princesses. Getting married is considered as a fairytale coming true. It is, in a way, true. Marriage brings happiness and having a lifetime of happiness is a fairy tale coming true. As fun as getting married is, planning a wedding ceremony can be stressful. You want everything to be perfect and you’re probably over worrying about every single detail. It’s understandable why you’re stressed, it is after all the day your fairy tale is coming true. However, with right help from experts and research, you would be able to have a memorable wedding.

Start with Research

First of all, decide on a budget. Then, do some research. Research will help you get an idea about everything. You probably have an idea about how you want your wedding to be. Write those ideas down. Then do a Google search about them. For an example say you want your wedding to be at a farm, then start with doing some research about farm weddings. Take a look at the photos. Read about other people’s wedding experiences. Take inspiration from them. If you want to, you can contact them and get advice. There will be plenty of articles about planning a wedding. Print them out. Make your own to do list. Make sure to be detailed so that you won’t forget anything.

Decide on a Date and a Location

The second step is to decide on a date and a location. After deciding on a location, check to see if the place is available. Make sure to check how many people the location can fit. Say, you are a fan of Byron bay wedding celebrant, and you plan to invite more than one hundred guests, you would have to find a place that could fit all of your guests. When you’re booking places and hiring help, remember to be polite. After confirming the availability of the location and the date, contact a professional who do wedding ceremonies. Talk to them and get their advice on your location and tell them how you want the ceremony to happen. They will take some of the stress you have on your shoulders and take care of all the legal matters.

Plan the Rest

The third step is to plan the rest of the wedding. Make your guest list. Decide on the buffet. Choose what you’re planning to wear for the ceremony. Decide on bridesmaids and groomsmen. Think about decorations and what kind of theme you want your wedding to be. If you have to rent all the necessary thing, such as tables and chairs, do it now. Do not wait until the last minute.

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