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10 Tips For Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

We still remember our birthday parties we had when we were small and every parent wants their bundle of joy to have the same experience. Although a birthday party can be magical to the kids, it can be a strenuous task to host. Here are some tips that will make your kid’s next birthday a breeze to host.

It all starts with the timing.

A late afternoon or early evening party is best for small kids. Starting around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., don’t let the [arty drag on for more than four hours. This way there will be enough time to serve dinner and there won’t be any kids falling asleep during the party.

Set a theme.

Setting a theme makes life so much easier. This will give you an idea of what kind of decorations to buy, what your cake should be and all those. Ask your child and I’m sure he or she will have the answer ready.

Plan a schedule for the day.

Plan exactly what to do on the day of the party beforehand. Blowing up balloons and decorating can take a long time. Schedule when you’ll be collecting the cake and other food when the guests will arrive and so on. Having a schedule will help keep your mind at ease/Start preparing early.If you have the time start decorating a day or two before. Start hunting for supplies about a week before. Not only would this make it less stressful, but having preparations stretch of will surely make the young ones excited.
Get the kids involved.This is their birthday after all. Take them shopping and let them help out with the decorations. They will remember these and use this as an opportunity to teach some skills.

Don’t forget the invites.

Send the invites about a month prior. Have all the necessary information such as date, venue and an RSVP phone number. This is a good opportunity to get your kid to help. Handmade invitations are a real treat.

Party favours.

These don’t have to be expensive but they can be creative. Get something useful that both the kids and parents would appreciate. Something useful like personalized drawing book or a pencil pouch would be nice. Keep a few extra just in case a few siblings decide to stay.

Semi-homemade food.

Food can be the hardest part. Order a few items from the bakery where you order the cake. Buy the rest from the grocery store and decorate them to match your theme.

Have creative party games.

These are the things that kids will remember. Apart from the traditional party games, scout the internet for some new ideas. You will be able to make most of the props at home. During a party have a few adults to help out with the games. Pack in some surprises.Whether it is a special guest (a magician comes to mind) or something as simple as confetti balloons, have at least one surprise for the kids. This will surely add that extra something.The best things in life take some energy and preparation. However, at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.